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  • Dog Photography Course Two Days

Dog Photography Courses by The Dog Photographer

NEW 2 Day Dog Photography Course Released

in Whitchurch, South Cheshire

20-21st July 2017

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

Behind the scenes look at a 2 Day Dog Photography Course

Dog Photography Course Two Days

Limited to just 10 people.

Based in south Cheshire

Course starts at 9.30am until 4.00pm both days

This course is ideal for beginners, amateurs, looking to take better photos of your dogs and professional photographers alike, there really is something for everyone on this dog photography course.

Is this Dog Photography Course right for you?

- Do you want to learn how to use ISO, shutter speed, aperture to create the artistic shots you want?

- Want more confidence in your photography to get more consistent results?

- Understand how to run a dog photography shoot to maximise the very best from your doggie models?

- Want to create dog photographs with a real WOW factor? that people will want to buy!

- Do you struggle photographing black dogs? I will show you how to get this right every time.

- Understanding exposure and getting it right in camera.

- How to get your action shots sharp and with real impact.

- Create artistic portraits in camera.

- RAW or jpeg files? which are best for me.

- Practice the skills you learn in the classroom on dog photo shoots set up over the two days with some amazing doggie models.

- Learn from one of the UK’s leading dog photographers with plenty of opportunity for 1-1 learning.

- Post production and the importance of using Lightroom software.

- Learn to shoot in different lighting conditions.

- Membership of the largest online Dog Photography learning group offering ongoing support for continued improvement.

What you will need for the course?

- A digital camera either SLR or bridge camera

- Memory cards

- Waterproof clothing

- Laptop or tablet for viewing images

- Pen and notepad

- Open mind 

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